Cruise Control

Installing aftermarket cruise control on your vehicle offers several benefits. It enhances driving comfort, especially on long journeys, by maintaining a constant speed and reducing the need for constant pedal adjustments. This leads to less fatigue and a more relaxed driving experience.

Additionally, cruise control can improve fuel efficiency by preventing unnecessary speed fluctuations. It also promotes safer driving by helping to maintain a steady pace and keeping a safe distance from other vehicles. Furthermore, aftermarket options often come with customizable features, allowing for a tailored driving experience. Overall, aftermarket cruise control adds convenience, safety, and efficiency to your driving.

  • Digital Integrated Cruise Control

    • Digital Integration
    • Left Side Mount Only
    • OEM match to your vehicle
    • Column switch includes: On/Off Set/Increase Speed Resume/Decrease Speed Double Memory Cancel
    • 3 Yr/36,000 Mile Warranty

    *Vehicle Specific. Call to confirm availability.

  • Steering Wheel Mount

    • Right Side Mount Only
    • Switch includes: On/Off, Set/Increase Speed, Resume/Decrease Speed, Cancel
  • Dash Mount

    • Status LED
    • Switch includes: On/Off, Set/Increase Speed, Resume/Decrease Speed, Cancel

Be extremely careful of the wanna-be installers working out of their garage!

Leave your install needs in Auto Audio's hands! 30 years of actual retail locations and new car dealer recommended! SOME VEHICLES MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL PARTS. PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.