Marine Audio

Get your boat rocking with the great looks and sounds of watertight, heavy-duty source units and components from Auto Audio.

Engineered to take on the spray, splashing, and fog of Lake Superior and just keep going. With innovative functions you’d expect from Auto Audio, make your next cruise a real splash, and enjoy knots and knots of nautical entertainment.

Customize your boat with our multi-colored lighting kits. We offer all kinds of cool LED lighting kits to separate your boat from the others! Whether it's for fun or safety, there are many options like lighting the walking path on your pontoon to lighting the road on your motorcycle.

Be extremely careful of the wanna-be installers working out of their garage!

Leave your install needs in Auto Audio's hands! 30 years of actual retail locations and new car dealer recommended! SOME VEHICLES MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL PARTS. PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.