Car Audio

Auto Audio has been in the business of Car Audio/Stereo Systems and Mobile Electronics since 1994 with a focus on customer service and the goal of being your "Premier Car Audio Dealer”.

We sell and install car audio/stereo and mobile electronics products that make your ride more comfortable, safer and of course sound great…so the trip is just more fun. With over 62 years of combines industry experience, our award winning install technicians are MECP Certified, guaranteeing you a perfect install every time. Whether you're looking for a complete stereo installation that will wake the neighbors, or a wireless Bluetooth connection for your iPhone to enjoy the ride home from work - we've got you covered. Come in and see what our professionals can do for you!

Nothing Beats the sound of JL Audio amplifiers, speaker systems, and subwoofers. Nothing!

Here's why:

First, we test every major loudspeakers and amplifiers — to find out what works. And what doesn't.

Then, into the laboratory. To create speakers and amplifiers with superior components. To fit the most exacting standards and to subject them to the most severe testing conditions.

The result? Victory. JL Audio amplifiers, speaker systems and subwoofers. The highest quality product sold. Bordering on Perfection.

But Listen for Yourself. You'll hear wide dynamic ranges. Fewer distortions and volumes that will Blow Your Mind.

Be extremely careful of the wanna-be installers working out of their garage!

Leave your install needs in Auto Audio's hands! 30 years of actual retail locations and new car dealer recommended! SOME VEHICLES MAY REQUIRE ADDITIONAL PARTS. PLEASE CALL FOR DETAILS.