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In the world of professional custom audio, the emphasis is on sleek and smooth lines. Fiberglass is for the serious show stopping vehicles. We can construct elegant installations to fit any trunk, dash, door panel, and anywhere in between out of fiberglass. Using composite fiberglass is the way to achieve the sleek and professional look you're seeking, and Auto Audio can bring it to you. If you can imagine it - Auto Audio can most likely make it to fit your specifications and needs to give your car or marine audio system the sleek and custom look you want.  Our custom fiberglass fabricators allow your imagination to soar to new heights of custom designs for your car or boat.

Here at Auto Audio our mission is to bring professional level car audio to your garage. We offer a wide range of products to help you build the system of your dreams. When purchasing from Auto Audio, you can be confident in knowing that you are buying the highest quality products available. We promise to continue to offer you the most innovative products available for your custom system.


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Our Commitment

Auto Audio is committed to being the Northland’s premier Mobile Electronics dealer. To that end, we must continuously achieve superior quality and results while adhering to the highest standards of business conduct. These unwavering expectations provide the foundation for our commitments to those with whom we interact.

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