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Let our talented technicians handle all of your installation needs. Auto Audio is the authorized dealer of Compustar products, and is recommended by the overwhelming majority of new car dealers in the Twin Ports area. This says volumes about our expertise and commitment to quality workmanship.

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2017-2018 Remote Start Systems

  • Compatible with gas, diesel, or hybrid
  • Limited LIFETIME warranty
  • Will NOT void existing automobile warranties
  • New car dealer recommended

2-Way 3-Mile

  • Up to 3 Miles of range
  • 2-way LCD remote
  • Includes additional 1-way remote (Up to 1-Mile)
  • Waterproof + durable remote casing
  • USB rechargeable battery



2-Way 2-Mile

  • Up to 2 Miles of Range
  • 2-way LED remote
  • Includes two 2-way remotes



2-Way 3,000-Foot

  • Up to 3,000 feet of range
  • 2-way LED remote
  • Includes additional 1-way 3,000 ft. remote




1-Way 3,000-Foot

  • Up to 3,000 feet of range
  • 1-way LED remote
  • Includes additional 1-way 3,000 ft. remote




Be extremely careful of the wanna-be installers working out of their garage!

Leave your install needs in Auto Audio's hands! 23 years of actual retail locations and new car dealer recommended!





  • Smart Alerts sent via text (SMS)
  • Keyless entry via smart phone
  • Security alert messages
  • 2-Way confirmation
  • Trunk release
  • GPS tracking
  • Geo fence



Add Drone Mobile to any remote start system for $199 + $49.90 for installation.

Mention our website and receive a FREE install on Drone Mobile!

Then complete the package heated seats! Call us for details.




Don't let the subzero temperatures in the Twin Ports stop you from getting where you need to go! We install heated seats for most of the new car dealers!

Let's help keep you warm!


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